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The Best of British Craft Beer Mixed Case Review

The Best of British Craft Beer Mixed Case Review

The Best of British Craft Beer Mixed Case ReviewThis is a set that is designed and chosen by brew experts to highlight the best beers from UK breweries and put them in one box. Beer Hunter sommeliers chose the best of the best and present a wide variety of flavors, featuring some of the most fully flavored beer in the United Kingdom. This is a set that highlights the best from the authentic source of beer; the traditional makers of ale in England. These brews are also selected based on their popularity and natural flavors that are distinct to the traditional English flavor.

The Best of British Craft Beer Mixed Case set includes one bottle each of Camden Pils, Ghost Reaper, Cloudwater Session IPA, Brewdog Dead Pony, Runaway Pale Ale, Thornbridge Jaipur, Vocation Heart & Soul, Big Hug Hibernation IPA, Seven Brothers IPA, Shindigger Session, Thirst Class Kiss My Ace and Toast Pale Ale.


  • Contains 12 Fine Craft Beers from the UK
  • Has average alcohol content of 5.6%
  • Selected beers from England by Beer Hunter
  • Can be a gift for special occasions
  • Has Beer Hunter packaging
  • Unavailable items will be replaced by equally good beer

This set will make a good product for gifts to English beer enthusiasts, especially those who are looking for traditional ale recipes made by smaller breweries around the UK. The set is also great for entertaining and after-work socials.


This beer selection by Beer Hunter is specific to suit the taste of English brew enthusiasts and those who like the flavors made by smaller breweries from England. This is a set that is complete with flavors that are more woody and malty than bitter. These are brews that are appropriate to drink in all seasons of the year.

The Camden Pale is made by a brewery in Camden, London. It only has 4% alcohol content and has tones of grapefruit, orange and tropical fruits. The beer has a weak punch and a bright orange color. The aroma is also fruity with hops from America.

The Ghost Reaper is another British favorite with 4% alcohol content, and has loads of hops with rich flavors of mango and passion fruit as well as the aroma of lemon and grapefruit. The kick is subtle, but the fruity aroma is stronger than the taste. The palate will taste as if the beer has a touch of grapefruit and marmalade in it.

Another brew that is included in the set is Jaipur, which soft at first but will build up to a big wave of taste that includes hops and an accent of honey. The finishing taste is bitter and the kick is strong. When drinking this beer, the drinker will have a mild malt taste in the middle of the palate. The citrus tones are not pronounced and the bitterness will linger after.

The India Pale Ales are Cloudwater Session, Big Hug Hibernation, and Seven Brothers. These are IPAs which have a tea-like taste and low alcohol content. These brews have variations of the India ale that makes use of newly harvested hops that have a robust taste. The color is clear and has a golden yellow appearance. The scent has a hint of flowers and small amounts of citrus.

The Shindigger Sessions is a light ale at 4.7% that has low carbonation and a smell of citrus malts. The taste is at first sweet and fruity, but finishes with a bitter, soft punch. This is a type of beer that is light and not overwhelming with flavor. The color of the beer is golden orange.

With a coconut and grassy finish, the Thirst Class Kiss My Ace beer was chosen to be included in the set to bring a tropical flavor into the mix of beers. This is a type of beer that is dry and has a cream color head. The beer is light but the tones are earthy and the kick is mild. Alcohol content is only 4%.


Since this is a set of beers put in bottles, there is always the risk of breakage when shipped. Extra instructions and a careful selection of courier are necessary to ensure the product arrives successfully.


This is a good selection of English brews that gives a complete picture of the English brewing scene and what small breweries are capable of making. The tastes and alcohol content vary from mild to strong and from malty to full-bodied flavor. This is a set that comes from manufacturers that have evolved the taste of beer from old English flavor to a more refined taste composed of fruits and a more defined punch of bitterness.

The beers in this set are of a mixed kind of hops and from different countries which are infused with English traditions in brewing. The shipper should know that the bottles are fragile and the buyer should choose a reputable parcel service.

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