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The Best Craft Beer Brands Every Beer Lovers Should Know

The Best Craft Beer Brands Every Beer Lovers Should Know

The Best Craft Beer Brands Every Beer Lovers Should KnowThe best craft beer brands provide more than just unique flavors, but an experience that is hard to forget. As craft beer brands would say in their marketing materials, each of their bottles let you explore one-of-a-kind tastes and aftertastes. There is always a burst of flavor as a product of the intricate and passionate process of brewing and bottling. Beer lovers, supported by research, would say that a pint of craft beer a day can keep the doctor away.

However, a pint glass of craft beer also says a lot about the brewing tradition of a particular region or brewery. This can convince anyone that it is a must to try. Below are the some of the best examples of craft beer brands from the finest independent and traditional breweries in the US, according to Brewers Association.

Goose Island IPA

After touring and savoring Europe’s selection of craft beers, the founder of The Goose Island Beer Company started making stellar beer. Years later, the company became an award-winning brewery applauded for their classic, innovative style.  Founded in Chicago, Goose Island aims to solidify their leadership in craft brewing industry. They are committed to excellence in order to capture the palates and hearts of beer drinkers.

Today, they have 5 flavors of classic ales, 5 flavors of Fulton and Wood, and 11 flavors of vintage ales. According to reviews, their best-seller is the Bourbon County Stout. This particular craft beer of Goose Island IPA is not an average stout, for it is a combination of charred oak, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and smoke.

Stone Brewing Company

This company started as a small microbrewery in 1996. Now they are one of the largest and most famous craft breweries in the United States. Since day one, the Stone Brewing Company has been passionate about brewing unique and world-class beers. They strive hard to accomplish this goal while also maintaining their commitment to sustainability and business ethics. Among their greatest bottles is the imperial ale, which is the Stone Enjoy By IPA.

This craft beer, though only good for 35 days or five weeks, has changed the game of drinking imperial ale. The taste of smooth malt disappears quickly to let you experience the hops of dankness and peachiness. It has the perfect combination of bitterness and dry finish.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

Coming in at number three is the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Their craft beers are known to provide a unique combination of boldness, wildness, and unsteadfastness. They follow the brewing tradition while tirelessly pushing their passion for innovation. The company also believes that the best bottles of beers are a result of brewing only the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

They use only whole-cone hops for every ale and lager they make. According to their beer fans, their Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is the best-tasting ales they have made. This is actually their classic and the most popular beer. Its piney and grapefruit aromas are so refreshing, it has become an icon and favorite of drinkers for many decades.

Boston Beer Co

Boston Beer Company’s history begun when the founder, who is Jim Koch, found a lager recipe in his father’s attic. Many years later, the brewery became recognized for its full-flavored, balanced, and complex beers. They have become the second largest craft brewery in the US while their Boston Lager has changed the American craft beer industry and become the best beer in America.

Today they have at least 5 subsidiaries, each with different specialties such as Samuel Adams beers, hard teas, hard ciders, sparkling water, and more. Of course among the 5, the most famous one is the Samuel Adams. Aside from the flagship beer, which is the Boston Lager, they also have seasonal brews, Brewmaster styles, and some barrel collections.

D. G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.

The Yuengling is the oldest brewery in America and is also the number one craft beer brand. They are family-owned and operated with a strong commitment to heritage, traditions, and the art of brewing. It is inspiring to know that they continue to be on the top list of the best craft beer brands, preserving their position as an iconic American brewery.

Want to know their best bottle? The answer is none other than the Traditional Lager, which hasn’t changed from their first bottles the company produced.

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