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Marston’s Classic Assorted Ales Review

Marston’s Classic Assorted Ales Review

Marston’s Classic Assorted Ales ReviewThis is a product set that is manufactured by the biggest brewery in the UK. The beers that are included in the set have a alcohol levels varying from 3 to 5.2% and come from many parts of the UK. All ales produced by Marston’s are real and are produced from casks. The beer is unfiltered, unpurified and brings a strong a crisp flavor to the beverage without the powerful kick.

The beers that are included in the set are Bank’s Bitter, Brakspear Bitter, Jennings Cumberland Ale, and Ringwood Boondoggle. These beers range from weak to strong in terms of malt and have a dominant fruity aroma. The most famous brewery in the UK bottled the great brew flavor to be enjoyed at home, parties or when socializing with friends.


  • Contains 12 bottles of 500ml Marston’s Ales
  • Includes Banks’ Biter at 3.8% and 3.4% alcohol content
  • Contains Marston’s Pedigree, Jenning’s Cumberland Ale, and Ringwood Boondoggle
  • Contains Wychwood Hobgoblin at 5.2% alcohol content
  • All beers made in the UK
  • Great flavor with Marston’s original formula

These beers have good hop taste and bitterness that is typical of a brew from the UK. The colors of the beer will range from amber to deep gold. The characteristics of the ale are straightforward and feature no artificial flavors that ruin the taste of naturally fermented hops.


The Marston’s assorted ale set is composed of ales from the UK which will bring the original English formula to the convenience of home or parties. These famous brews are naturally made and produced following the original formula of an old ale. The brews have a bitter and bold composition with fruity aromas and hints of lemon. These brews are the same types found in Marston’s pubs and have a taste that is greatly appreciated in the United Kingdom.

The set contains Bank’s Bitter, which has 3.8% alcohol content. This is a lightly structured beer that is easy to drink and has a deep gold color. This is a great session brew that is great for socializing without worrying about excessive kicks or strong punches in the palate.

The Brakspear Bitter beer has 3.4% alcohol content, which appears amber and has a full hop flavor. The taste dissolves into a bittersweet, fruity flavor and is easy to drink. This is a brew that brings a relaxing mood without too much kick. The taste is bittersweet without compromising the fullness of the flavor of hops.

The Wychwood Hobgoblin has a 5.2% alcohol content that has a fuller, more earthy taste. It has a chocolate and toffee flavor that brings out the ruby color. The flavor is overall bitter and slightly fruity. This beer, on the whole, has a medium punch and a bitter aftertaste. The fruity tones are composed of notes of banana, pear, nuts, and cinnamon. This is known as the mischievous beer that is surprising and has a medium impact.

The Marston’s Pedigree has 4.5% alcohol content, uses hops that are a little spicy and has a gentle fruit flavor. The character of the brew is unique and was brewed using natural Burton spring water. The fruity taste is not that prominent since the spice from the hops will overwhelm the palate and finish with bitterness and a soft punch.

A golden ale that is slightly citrusy is the Jenning’s Cumberland Ale. This is a drink with only 4% alcohol and one that will have superior taste compared to the other fruity brews.  The color of the brew is golden yellow and it has a medium kick.

The Ringwood Boondoggle has an alcohol content of 4.2% with a blonde appearance. The bitter taste is low and the taste is prominently fruity hops and citrusy. The kick is higher than other session beers but the palate is not overwhelmed with bitterness. The smell of hops is vivid and the aftertaste is more sour than bitter.

All the beers are manufactured in the UK, specifically in Oxford, New Forest, Trent, and Lake District.


Excessive beer drinking has been associated with many diseases of the liver and kidney. Drinking of beers is limited to individuals who are aged 18 and up. Extra shipping care instructions should be applied to prevent breakage and loss of the bottles.


This is a good set for drinkers who are into English brews and straightforward beer. The formula used to make the product is based on the original Marston’s old ale refinement. This is a product that has bitter, boldness and strong hop flavors. The beers are also known to have fruity tones of citrus and tropical fruits.

This is a product that uses casks to ferment and relies on the natural fermentation process. Be careful because it is known that excessive beer drinking can lead to liver problems and elevation of blood sugar. Buyers will have to spend money on extra care for the packaging.

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