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Homebrewing Your Favorite Craft Beer

Homebrewing Your Favorite Craft Beer

Homebrewing Your Favorite Craft BeerThere are many reasons why people are loving craft beers. Craft beers are produced by small, independent, and traditional craft breweries. And since these types of breweries produce beers on a small scale, they have more time to find the finest ingredients and perfect their recipes. That is why most craft beers taste better than and are unique compared to mainstream beers.

You know you have become more than a beer enthusiast when you want to learn how to brew craft beer in your own home. But before you dive deeper in understanding the basics, here are a few more reasons to begin  home-brewing your craft beer.

Craft beers have more alcohol

Craft beers come in different flavors, styles, and sizes. However, there is one thing all these types have in common. They have the right amount of alcohol mixed perfectly with the flavors and aroma of your beer. Most craft breweries make beers with 5 to 10% abv or alcohol by volume. Meanwhile, other craft breweries make beers that reach up to 40% abv. Compared to the 2.4% of some mass produced beers, craft beers have a higher volume of alcohol, enough to satisfy your belly in one pint.

Craft beers are healthy

It is no longer a myth that beers have health benefits Craft beer is proven to be more beneficial to health than red wine. According to research, craft beer has more nutrients. They have soluble fibers, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Aside from this, it has been shown that they are a good source of silicon — important in preventing osteoporosis.

Craft beers are cheaper

A bottle of regular beer looks cheaper than a bottle of craft beer. But look at your expenses this way. Mass-produced beers have less alcohol, which makes an average drinker buy more because the beer experience is lacking. Since craft beers are stronger and more flavorful, one bottle can satisfy your cravings. Aside from that, you will consume fewer calories drinking a bottle of craft beer than regular beer.

Now that you have more reasons to love craft beers, you might be convinced to learn how to brew craft beer at home. If you are not yet decided, the following reasons will entice you to take home-brewing classes at schools or online.

Equipment and ingredients for brewing are cheap

As a beginner, you do not need fancy and big equipment while learning the basics of how to brew craft beer. There are cheap beer-making kits available on the market today. These kits are enough to make your first gallon of craft beer, and they only cost around $50. Meanwhile, the ingredients such as malt barley, yeast, and hops can be around $30. This estimation is already good for a 5-gallon batch.

You can make the exact type and flavor of beer you want

Homebrewing allows you to experiment with science and art to create the perfect recipe for craft beer you like. If you think your favorite ale lacks fruity flavor, you can make the necessary adjustments. As every teacher will say, practice makes perfect. You need time to acquire the skills and understand the foundations of brewing. Soon after, you will be able to brew amazing beer in your kitchen.

Learning how to brew craft beer is fun and easy

When it comes to learning what you love, the process will always be fun and easy. Though the principles and brewing techniques can be tricky, the home-brewing process is actually simple and straightforward. You just have to be patient in mastering the whole process from boiling the water to bottling the finished product. It is even more enjoyable when you have friends or family doing it with you.

Home-brewing is educational

Learning the steps of making craft beer allows you to see how raw ingredients blend together to create a finished product. You are going to appreciate the process of home-brewing as you understand how adding more water influences the flavor of your beer. Or how the other ingredients affect the final outcome.

Homebrewing is legal

No one can stop you from crafting your own beer recipes in your kitchen because homebrewing is legal. Just limit your production to 100 gallons or 200 gallons of beer per year.

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