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Craft Beers Everything You Need to Know

Craft Beers: Everything You Need to Know

Craft Beers Everything You Need to KnowThe craft beer industry has been booming for the past three decades. Beer lovers are beginning to explore the new flavors and experience this type of beer provides. More people take trips to different tap rooms and microbreweries, not just to taste some of the best craft beers in the country, but also learn the rich tradition and history of their making. But what exactly are craft beers? How are they different from the beers you often see in the supermarket? How long do craft beers last? And how will you know if it is rotten or spoiled?

What makes craft beer unique?

When you hear the word craft, you probably associate it with art and passion. This is what makes craft beers unique. They are produced on a smaller scale by independent and traditional breweries. Since they are made in smaller batches, the brewers or the families operating the breweries have more time to develop age-long recipes and make new ones.

Some of the larger breweries even grow their own malts to ensure that they get the finest ingredients for brewing world-class craft beers. Because of this, craft beers taste better and have stronger aromas. According to the Brewers Association, a brewery should make beers with at least 50% malt rather than adjuncts such as wheat and oats. Another thing that sets this type beer apart from regular beers is the volume of alcohol in one bottle. Usually, craft beers have 5 to 10% of alcohol, but these can reach up to 40%. One bottle would be enough to satisfy your palate and cravings.

How long do craft beers last?

Craft beers, like other beers, are also perishable goods. It will go bad if you leave it open for months due to exposure to bacteria, light, and air. But unlike other food, beers last for 6 to 9 months in the pantry beyond the freshness dates on the label. This means that you can consume it even after the best before date. It can last up to 2 years if stored in the fridge and follow the proper way of storing it.

How to tell if your craft beer is still good to drink?

If you open the bottle of beer and do not hear the normal pssst sound, then your beer has probably gone bad. The sound and white foam on top of the liquid after opening the bottle indicate that the craft beer is fresh and ready to drink. Aside from these, you can also tell from the looks or the bottle is the beer has gone bad. Check if the bottle is dusty or the labels are torn. Also, look to see if there is seepage around the cap, as this indicates heat abuse.

Avoid drinking craft beers that have gone bad to avoid health risks. You should enjoy your craft beers before its shelf life expires.

The Best Way to Store Craft Beer and Extend its Life

Now that you know more about craft beers as well as how long do craft beer lasts, it is time to learn storage tips. Proper storage of craft beers means healthier drinking and healthier environment. Not only do you extend the life of your beer but also help the environment by avoiding waste.

Store your craft beer inside the refrigerator

Although there are craft beers that are best served warm, most craft beers are best stored in the fridge. If you purchase it refrigerated, then you should not keep it in the pantry. The change in the temperature is not good for perishable goods like beers.

On the other hand, a constant temperature will help extend the life of your craft beer. If you cannot store the all your beers in the fridge, just keep them in a cool dark place. And make sure that the temperature is constant in that storage. Never place it where direct sunlight can hit the bottles because the heat can cause a chemical reaction.

Place your craft beer in an upright position

This should always be the proper way of storing your beer. Placing the bottles in upright position decreases the oxidation process. And since the beer liquid will not reach the cap, there will be no contamination, either.

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