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BrewDog Headliner Mixed Case Review

BrewDog Headliner Mixed Case Review

BrewDog Headliner Mixed Case ReviewThis is a Scottish line of craft beers that can be used to train the palate to appreciate brews made by smaller manufacturers. The case contains 3 bottles each of Punk IPA, Five AM Red Ale, Dead Pony Pale Club, and Vagabond Pale Ale.

BrewDog is a known Scottish beer manufacturer that uses hops from New Zealand and is balanced by biscuit malt. Their beers are known for giving a fruity explosion to the taste and a bitter finish that has a mild alcoholic kick.

The set will provide a well-rounded beer-drinking experience because BrewDog’s hops come from all over the world. This set will give the drinker a taste of the world’s best hops and help them learn to appreciate the various flavors of beers in the world. All the beers are 330 ml in volume and the alcohol content of each varies per type of beer.


  • Set includes 12 bottles of 330 ml of craft beer
  • Contains Punk IPA, Dead Pony Pale Club, Five AM Red Ale and Vagabond Pale Ale
  • Made in Scotland
  • Alcohol content varies from 3.9% to 9%
  • Each bottle is 9 inches long with secure bottle caps
  • Contains great-tasting beer

This line of beer is great for hosting parties or for beer-tasting sessions with friends. BrewDog is known for its excellent flavors of beers and will complement any type of meal.


The BrewDog mixed case is complete with the Scottish brewery’s famous beers and it is composed of four types of beer. Each type has 3 bottles each. These types are Punk IPA, Dead Pony Pale Club, Five AM Red Ale and Vagabond Pale Ale, and offer a wide array of hops that are sourced from all over the world. The flavors are high quality and go with any type of food. The manufacturer is also well-known for producing a deep and flavorful beer which has lots of fruits that are blended with the right amount of bitterness.

The set comes with the more popular Punk IPA which tastes like fruit with a little bitterness. The beer smells like caramel and has an alcoholic content of 5.6%. The beer will eventually have a subtle punch, which is an effect of the New Zealand hops that are balanced by the biscuit malt. The taste of this type is similar to the classic brews. This brew has a bitter finish and strong to the palate.

The Dead Pony Pale kicks slowly as its alcohol content is only 3.8% and drinkers will only feel the kick after a few bottles. A keg of this flavor will not knock down an entire party, and the finish is closer to a pale than a craft beer. The finish is semi-bitter but the scent is nuttier.

The Vagabond Pale Ale has similar characteristics, but it doesn’t have gluten and has 4.5% alcohol content. Also, it has stronger citrus flavors and tropical fruits in a caramel mix. The aroma is sweet while the taste is sour, sweet and bitter. The punch is not strong, and it has a distinctly sweet taste, which is what American hops are best known for. The gluten free formula makes the beer less fattening and hypo-allergenic.

The 5 AM Red Ale has a strong fruity flavor and less of the bitterness. It is sweet and comforting because it has more hops and sugar. This is a variety with an alcohol content of 5%. The formulation is similar to the north of England ale.

The taste of the beer is a good starter for drinkers who want to explore the new flavors of beer. Most craft beers have a good amount and quality of hops that will make beer drinking a healthier activity. The major advantage of drinking craft beer is the organic and authentic way it is made. BrewDog tastes more like Belgian beers than English beers, and has a rich combination of flavors.


This is a product that is more expensive when bought online, so it would be more practical to buy it from a store. Some of the product sets arrive incomplete with bottles or some bottles that have been damaged during shipping. For users who want to send the set as a gift, there is a risk of breakage so shipping instructions should be specified.


This is a product that is a good gift or a conversation starter at parties. The product is a complete set of Scottish brews that present a wide range of beers with varying flavors and mixtures of tones. The manufacturer is known for making good-tasting and fully flavored beers that come from many parts of the world.

The set is composed of beers that have varying levels of alcohol content that will suit people’s varying taste for a beer buzz. However, there is a risk of breakage during shipping and users should give special instructions for shipping of fragile items. The cost of the beer set is more expensive when bought online compared to stores.

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