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Beer Heroes Best of UK Craft Beer Review

Beer Heroes Best of UK Craft Beer Review

Beer Heroes Best of UK Craft Beer ReviewCraft beers will always have a special place in the heart of beer lovers. These beers are proven to taste better and are healthier than the commercial beers you often see. If you want to get hold of the best craft beers in the UK, you should buy the Beer Heroes Best of UK Craft Beer.

This case includes 12 beers from the finest breweries in the country. It is a combination of different imperial ales, pale ales, golden, and blonde ales. Each of the brands of beer comes in two sizes, which are 330 ml and 500 ml. Some of the brands that you will like are the Mad Hatter, Black Jack, Tickety Brew, and Weird Beard.

This selection is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or just chill out with friends. For a price of £40, you already have 12 bottles of great-tasting beers delivered in a sturdy package to your home for free.


  • One case includes 12 bottles of craft beers
  • Includes some of the best craft beers from the finest breweries in the UK
  • 6 different flavors of beers in 330 ml and 500 ml
  • Features Mad Hatter, Black Jack, Tickety Brew, Brew Dog and Hardknott, Buxton, Weird Beard, and more
  • Great for different occasions such as birthdays and even simple get together
  • Features imperial ales, golden ales, pale ales, and blonde ales
  • Includes free delivery if bought on Amazon


The Beer Heroe is a team of dedicated individuals that selects the best craft beer from different places in the world. They have tasted some of the finest bottles of beers from the UK, USA, and Europe and put them in one case. This way, people can experience the styles and unique flavors these regions have to offer. However, they always champion UK breweries as well as microbreweries in Britain. One of the best examples is their Beer Heroes Best of UK Craft Beer.

This case has 12 bottles of craft beers that are not just rich in flavors, but in brewing traditions. In the package, you will see that there are two bottles of each brand in two sizes of 330 ml and 500 ml. Whether you are a craft beer lover or a newbie, you are sure to find the beer that will suit your taste bud. The box features imperial ales, golden ales, pale ales, as well as blonde ales.

Some of the breweries featured are Mad Hatter, Buxton, Black Jack, and Tickety Brew. These breweries are owned by passionate brew makers that are serious in creating their own craft. Just imagine having a set of beer case with bottles that are all intricately and passionately made, tasting each of them with a friend on a special day.

Compared to buying a case of one flavor only, this one can give you the freedom to taste six of the best in the UK. Your beer experience will never be bland or boring. The product includes free shipping, too.


A common complaint about this product is that the beers are all ales. It could have been better if the company added at least two different types of craft beer, like lagers and stout. Another usual disadvantage of mixed beer cases is the possibility that you will not like the other flavors. While it is great to explore the new taste of craft beer, it could be a waste of money if you are going to stock it in the fridge forever. Another disadvantage is the uncertainty of the beer selection you will get. According to reviewers, the exact contents of the case vary because the beers are seasonal.


Despite some negative reviews and disadvantages, this craft beer case is still recommendable. It is a great gift for fathers or boyfriends as well as for your beer lover friends. However, you can choose to buy it and enjoy the bottles for yourself, too. The selection of beers is indeed among the finest in the UK. And since each flavor or brand comes in two sizes, you can enjoy each of them twice in a row or share with others. Just make sure to check or ask the Beer Heroes about product availability to make sure that the bottles you receive are your favorites.

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