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Beer Hawk Sommelier’s Craft Beer Review

Beer Hawk Sommelier’s Craft Beer Review

This is one of my favourite craft beer cases, but then I love trying all sorts of beer styles and I like to have a decent selection available at all times. There is nothing more disappointing than reaching into the fridge and clutching air instead of that bottle of refreshingly chilled Iambic you wish you had on a hot summer’s day. If you don’t get those cravings for something niche and you prefer sticking with your usual beer style of choice then this case may not be for you. But for those with a streak of adventure or just wanting to learn a little more about what is out there, the Beer Hawk Sommelier’s Craft Beer case comes highly recommended.

Cherry picked by Beer Hawk’s in-house sommelier Maggie, this case is an eclectic mix with everything your craft beer craving’s desire. A wide range of styles from all over the globe, including the mainstay Pale Ales and IPAs to stout and slightly more off piste Iambic beer or Heather Ale. If you’re interested in learning about beer, the best way is to taste as many types as you can. I’d recommend inviting a few mates over and cracking a few of these beauties open so you can taste them alongside each other. You’ll then get to experience the tart acidity and fruitiness of Iambic against the creamy richness and coffee flavours of stout. Or compare the rich malty goodness of a Belgian Dubbel against the tropical fruity hops of a top notch IPA. Nothing forges a library of beer knowledge better than when experiencing the tastes and smells alongside something you can relate them against. I’m no advocate of binge drinking which is why I suggest you share the experience with friends, they will have their own opinions and discussing the beers with others often leads to flavours and textures being pointed out that you’d otherwise have missed. Friends are often very helpful!

Of course if sharing isn’t your thing, the other way to enjoy this case is to experiment and pair with food. Ever wondered how a Heather Ale tastes alongside your Sunday roast Lamb?… No, well it’s a treat and you’re missing out! A crisp lager with your curry….? Or maybe the Blonde works better….? See for yourself! It’s all very well reading about which beer matches with which foods but there is no replacement for tasting for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover that Porter really does work with raspberry ripple ice-cream!?

With 12 different top quality beers in the selection, all of which I would gladly recommend myself, this case is a bit of a no-brainer. And if you plan on giving the Sommelier’s Intro case as a gift, it’s a safe bet the lucky recipient will certainly find they enjoy the majority of the beers. If any aren’t to their taste, well that’s added to their own beer experience and they will know to avoid that style in future. More likely is that their new understanding and appreciation of previously untried beers will expand their beery horizons. How else do you get to know if you like something unless you try it!?

The verdict:

Don’t be put off by the slightly off-piste nature of this intriguing case, it is designed for those who wish to experiment and learn more about the fascinating world of Craft Beers. It contains both a quality mix of beers that you’ll recognise as well as slightly more fringe beers, but all are tried and tested and are popular examples of their particular styles. Overall, this is very much my bag and if you want to explore outside the norm, it’s your bag too! I doff my cap to Maggie for her fine selection.

What’s Included?

  • 12 different craft beer styles from 12 highly regarded breweries

  • Highlights of some of the tastiest beers from around the globe

  • Cherry picked by a top beer sommelier

  • Tasting notes to accompany your beer case

  • Different packaging formats include; 330ml cans, 330ml bottles and 500ml bottles

  • Alcohol by volume ranges between 4%vol – 7%vol

  • Delivered in safe sturdy packaging


  • Remember, someone 18+ must sign for the case on delivery.

  • The selection of beers in this case may change occasionally, but quality and diversity is maintained.

          Styles that appear in this case include; Lager/Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA/APA, Porter/Stout, Lambic, Heather Ale, Wheat/Wit Beer

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