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Beer Hawk Craft Beer Gift Review

Beer Hawk Craft Beer Gift Review

Beer Hawk Craft Beer Gift ReviewCan’t think of the perfect gift your friend will like? How about bottles of craft beer so you can celebrate the special day right away? Whether you are sending a friend off to his new life or having a bachelor’s party, your day or night will be more memorable with Beer Hawk’s craft beers. Buy 10 bottles for a lesser price and enjoy having a good time, reminiscing about your good old memories — or create new ones with your friends and family, too.

A set of 10 flavorful, bold bottles of beer only costs £35 and less. All the beers are handpicked and will certainly let your taste buds explore a variety of distinct flavors. Aside from this, most of the beers also made by known craft beer manufacturers, ensuring that every gulp or pint will provide satisfaction. Some of the craft beers are Anchor Stream Beer, Brewdog Dead Pony Club, Flensburger Gold, and Mittenwalder. The Beer Hawk Craft Beer Gift also includes a tasting and pouring guide.


  • 10 bottles of international craft beers by Beer Hawk
  • A perfect gift for fathers and boyfriends on many occasions
  • Great for first timers of craft beer tasting as well as beer lovers
  • Package inside a sturdy Beer Hawk Branded Box
  • Includes Beer Hawk Tasting and Pouring Guide
  • Total Package Weight: 7 kg
  • Includes (1) Anchor Steam Beer, (1)Brewdog Dead Pony Club, (1) Flensburger – Gold, (1) Mittenwalder Karwendel Hell, (1) Orval, (1) And Union Unfiltered lager, (1) Blanche de Bruxelles, (1) Goose Island IPA, (1) Siren Broken Dream, and (1) Timmermans Kriek
  • May include free shipping fee if bought via Amazon


The Beer Hawk is a company that selects different kinds of beers from the US and from other international brands of beer. They have been known to be the experts in handpicking the best craft beers because of their passion and years of experience. They sell beer gifts that are perfect for most occasions, including birthdays, bachelor parties, Father’s Day, or even “just because” parties.

True enough, the Beer Hawk Craft Beer Gift is among their top sellers. A lot of people buy this set because it is consist of great tasting beers. If you are looking for a nice beer gift for your beer lover friend, this set might be the one.

Giving this gift set to a friend is like giving them the taste of the world. That is because this set includes 10 flavorful and meticulously crafted beers from different parts of the world. From the Pacific Coast, Germany, Bavaria, to Belgium and many others, the company has explored a variety of breweries to give you only the best craft beer. Some of the beers that are sure to suit your taste buds are the creamy head Anchor Steam Beer from Anchor Brewing, the malty Dead Pony Club from Brewdog, and the light and sweet Blanche de Bruxelles from Brasserie Lefèbvre SA.

The company also includes a tasting and pouring guide in the package. This way, you and your friends can write your notes on each beer like you are at an actual beer tasting event. And if you buy it on Amazon, shipping and gift-wrapping are free.


This beer gift set seems perfect. However, buyers have expressed their disappointments upon receiving the package. Most of them are not satisfied with the packaging, as it does not look sturdy at all. Aside from this, some buyers also complain about the incomplete number of bottles with torn labels. There is really a risk in buying this product online, and many still recommend buying at a supermarket.


Despite the disadvantages and negative reviews, the Beer Hawk Craft Beer Gift is still recommendable. This is because of the great variety of craft beers they provide. There only a few negative reviews about the company failing to surpass the consumer’s expectation. Their selection is an awesome way to expand your taste’s horizon whether you are a craft beer lover or not.

If you want to have a craft beer tasting with your friends, then this could be one of your best choices. But if you do not want to risk receiving a torn package, then you must handpick your bottles from the supermarket.

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