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Beer Hawk Big Craft Beer Case Review

Beer Hawk Big Craft Beer Case Review

Beer Hawk Big Craft Beer Case ReviewIf you think a case of 6 or 12 craft beers is not enough to satisfy your thirst for great-tasting beers, why not choose the Beer Hawk Big Craft Beer Case? An expert team has selected 30 different bottles of beers from the finest breweries from around the world. You can almost have a small beer tasting event in your home, and discover different flavors and unique styles as you share each bottle with your friends.

Whether you are throwing a party or celebrating a special occasion, you will find the perfect beer for everyone. Stock your fridge with these beers and get ready to party anytime. Some of the brands included in the case are the Chimay Red, Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat, Schlosser Alt, and Westmalle Dubbel.

For a better tasting experience, the company also adds a tasting and pouring guide. This way, you can take note your reviews and choose the best among the selection. Spending around £80, you have 30 bottles of the best-tasting beers from around the world delivered to your doorstep in sturdy branded packaging.


  • One case of Beer Hawk Big Craft Beer consists of 30 different bottles
  • Includes different flavors and styles of craft beers from the finest breweries around the world
  • A sensational selection of beers, great for any occasions
  • Beer Hawk tasting and pouring guide also included for a better beer tasting experience
  • Packed in a sturdy and branded packaging
  • Some of the brands in the case may include Timmermans Kriek, Blanche de Bruxelles, Brewdog Dead Pony Pale Ale, and Siren Broken Dream
  • Includes free delivery in the UK when bought on Amazon


The Beer Hawk is a company of experts and passionate individuals always on the hunt for the world’s best-tasting beers. All of their cases have top-selling brands, as well as unique beers from America, Belgium, England, Germany, and more. If you are looking for a perfect gift for yourself or for a beer lover friend, this beer case gift will be a great choice. For only £80, you will have the right drink that can satisfy your palates on any occasion. It is even delivered free from Amazon in the UK.

What makes this beer case a better choice over the others is that it is consists of 30 different bottles. Each of the bottles is unique, allowing you to experience the different taste and styles from different parts of the world. Buying the whole case is like tasting the best imperial ales, golden ales, and blonde ales. There is sure to be a beer for everyone.

If you like English bitter beer, there is A bottle Goose Island Honkers Ale to suit your taste buds. For a refreshing Bavarian style that is also light, gold, and hazy, try the Bad Seed Hefeweizen. Meanwhile, if you want a sharp bitter finish, there is the Brewdog Punk IPA.

You will definitely find your favorite bottle, especially if you take note your reviews. Simply follow the Beer Hawk tasting and pouring guide included in the package.


There is an obvious disadvantage in buying a case of beer that has a variety of flavors. That is the risk of having bottles of beer that you do not like or do not even want to try. This case has 30 different bottles from different countries, many of whom have distinct flavors you may not want. If you do not want to stock them in your fridge forever, you should check the reviews of the brands included. But this has will be difficult as well because the list of the brands is not certain. According to them, the bottles you will receive depend on their stock.


There are only a few companies that put this large number of beer varietals in one case. This puts Beer Hawk Big Craft Beer Case in an advantageous position. Having 30 different beers is a good way to let beer lovers explore the different tastes and styles the world has to offer. It is a great way for families and friends to bond, too. In conclusion, this beer case is recommendable for big occasions.

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