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Beer Hawk American Craft Beer Case Review

Beer Hawk American Craft Beer Case Review

Beer Hawk American Craft Beer Case ReviewThere is something special about American craft beer, and every beer lovers should taste some least once in their lives. Whether it is for a special occasion or a simple get-together, this Beer Hawk American Craft Beer Case is sure to make it a memorable event. This gift set consists of 15 varietals of craft beers that are fermented and manufactured by some of the finest breweries in the US.

Buying the whole case is like having a beer tasting event. This is because the 15 bottles are in different flavors and styles with a twist, including pales, lager, and stouts. It is a perfect combination of classic favorite and lesser-known beers that will make your taste buds and bellies happy.

Some of the beers included are the Brooklyn Brown Ale, Celis White, Lagunitas IPA, and Left Hand Milk Stout. Enjoy the burst of flavors of various American craft beers, whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift for a price of £45.00. Beer lover of not, you are sure to find your favorite bottle in this selection.


  • One case consists 15 bottles of American craft beer from some of the best breweries in the US
  • A mix of a variety of craft beer styles and flavors
  • Includes pales, lagers, and stouts
  • A great gift for birthdays or any occasions
  • Includes (1) Anchor Brekles Brown, (1) Anchor Steam Beer, (1) Brooklyn Brown Ale, (1) Celis White, (1) Firestone Walker Pale 31, (1) Firestone Walker Union Jack, (1) Flying Dog Pale Ale, (1) Founders All Day IPA, (1) Founders Centennial IPA, (1) Goose Island IPA, (1) Left Hand Brewing Black Jack Porter, (1) Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro, (1) Odell Loose Leaf, (1) Rogue Mocha Porter, and (1) Rogue Dead Guy Ale
  • Covers free delivery in the UK if bought on Amazon


This great selection of American craft beer was made by Beer Hawk. The company is an expert in choosing the best-tasting beers to let people experience the different styles and flavors of beer in the industry. For this particular case, they have chosen 15 craft beers originating from the country that invented the craft beer scene in the 1980s. Each beer is unique in its own way. If you are looking for a great gift for yourself or a friend, this could be the right choice.

There is something for everybody in this beer case. If you look at the selection of beers, you will see it  is a combination of pales, lagers, and stouts. If you want the classic Belgian-style wheat beer, pick the bottle of Celis White. If you want something dark like coffee yet sweet and delicious, you will be happy with a bottle of Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro. Or if you want something light and accessible, the Rogue Mocha Porter finishes clean on your palate.

Sold for around £45.00, this American craft beer case can make any occasion more memorable, especially if you share the beers with friends. It comes with free delivery on Amazon in reinforced bottle packaging. Many buyers commended the company for prompt shipping, too.


There have been a few complaints about the beer case, including the packaging of the bottles. Some customers received a torn box that does not look sturdy enough to carry 15 bottles. Unlike other gift cases from Beer Hawk, this one does not have a pouring and tasting guide.


Overall, the Beer Hawk American Craft Beer Case is a great choice of gift. The selection of beers is fantastic, even for those who are not fond of stouts. It is a great way for beer lovers to explore the different styles of craft beer from some of the best examples in the international market. Tasting beers can even help you learn about the American craft beer scene. According to Beer Hawk, this is among their best-selling discovery cases. If you want to experience the best of American craft beers, this is the case you should choose.

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