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Beer Feast Gift Hamper Review

Beer Feast Gift Hamper Review

Beer Feast Gift Hamper ReviewThis is a perfect gift set that makes beer drinking enjoyable and entertaining easy because it is complete with cheese, pate, crackers and dips. This is a set that is enjoyable to give or to receive because Greene King IPA beer has a light kick and a clean bitter aftertaste. The beer compliments that cheese and onion bits along with the light saltiness of the crackers. The set also comes with salted corn, which is always a great match for beer.

This is a product set that is convenient to have when hosting parties or small gatherings. The cheese and pate make the event special and add a touch of sophistication. The moderate taste of caramel from the beer makes the flavors infuse in the palate in a balanced and well-handled manner. This product set also includes onion marmalade, chicken liver pate, and sharp cheddar wedges. Finally, chocolate covered peanuts are included in the set for a sweet finish to the beer.


  • Product set is packaged in a box
  • Includes 3 bottles of 500 ml Greene King IPA beer
  • Set is with sharp cheddar cheese bits and wedges
  • Comes with Gancedo Giant Roasted and Salted Corn
  • Includes Tracklements Onion Marmalade
  • Comes with Patchwork Chicken Liver Pate with Orange and Garlic
  • Has Crunch Craving Chocolate Coated Peanuts

This is a set that is ready to consume as soon as it is opened. The contents are neatly packaged and sealed for the receiver’s protection. This Beer Feast Gift Hamper is a product set that is intended to enhance the flavors of the IPA beer with presentable elegance and amusing taste.


This is a product set that is designed to make the beer drinking experience more complete and exceptional when entertaining friends. The pack comes with 3 bottles of Greene King IPA beer, which is a light-bodied beer with low alcohol content. The flavor of this beer is faint and the hops are lightly flavored.

There is a smell of baker’s yeast with a hint of floral and caramel undertones. The beer has soft carbonation and has a light bready texture. There is mild bitterness to the product and a sweet nature that softens the texture of the beer. Each bottle has a volume of 500ml and an alcohol content of 3.6%.

To have a perfect complement to the beer, the manufacturer added Cartwright & Butler Cheddar Cheese Crumbles, MiniNibs Cheddar & Cheeky Onion Cheese Straws, Gancedo Giant Roasted and Salted Corn, Tracklements Onion Marmalade, Applewood Smoked Cheddar Wedge, Patchwork Chicken Liver Pate with Orange and Garlic, and Crunch Craving Chocolate Coated Peanuts.

The items in the box are all designed to complement the taste of the beer. The saltiness and sharp taste of cheese and crackers go with the light malt flavor of the IPA. The pate with cheese bits also goes well with the beer and will complement the beer’s sweetness. The onion marmalade is great to be washed down with the beer’s caramel taste but doesn’t get overwhelmed with a kick or over the top flavor.

This is a set that will work great for people who want to enjoy the beer with food and good company. All products are made in the UK and make a good gift for men who enjoy quality food and beer. Beginners and amateur beer drinkers alike will have a good time with the gift set and will learn how to appreciate good tasting beer and the importance of food pairings. This is also a good set to open when entertaining.


The product set comes in a box, not in a basket. If given as a gift, the carton packaging can be a turn-off and does not give justice to the quality of its contents. This is a product that will only impress people who have an interest in beer drinking and food pairings because the taste of onion and cheese is strong and pungent. The beer is also intended as a food pair and not for hard drinking sessions.


The product is a great set filled with beer and food that will complement each other and make your next party easy and impressive. The set comes with three bottles of IPA beer with 500 ml each. The beer is tasty and non-provoking because of the low alcohol content and the sweet aftertaste that relieves the drinker of the salty taste of crackers and cheese.

This is a product that will make beer drinking more pleasurable. The set also comes with chocolate covered peanuts that complement the caramel tone of the beer. The combination of tastes between pate and beer is surprisingly delicious.

However, the product is not packaged in a basket and if given as a gift, the product will arrive in a box with no other trimmings. Consumption of excessive cheese and beer is known to raise cholesterol and blood sugar, which increases the chances of hypertension and diabetes among drinkers. The product set will also be subject to breakage if special packaging arrangements are not made.

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